Bank charges eligible costs?

if in a SME action for the general interest of the project the SME pays the RTD performer before schedule, and this results in penalties to the SME – can this bank penalties be declared as eligible costs?

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Consortium Agreement for FP7 Marie Curie ITN

I am in the process of drafting a Consortium Agreement for a ITN. Does anyone have specific adaptions that they would suggest to the DESCA model in order for it to fit better to ITNs?

There are for example specific challenges regarding the training costs, which should be divided between the parties. Further there are associated partners involved, which is an exception in FP7 projects.

I would welcome any input on these issues. sources


Just wanted to ask whether you can recommend orgs, sites or sources where to locate PM experts for 7FP projects and other European programmes. We are in process of recruiting senior and junior professional staff.

Thank you,

budget examples

Does anyone can suggest some sort of examples of coherent budgets in projects (CPs, CSAs, SMEs, and any others)?? Including an overall view with a logical distribution of activity costs, as well as if possible, a more detailed highlighting the different parties. Thank you

VAT Question

As I understand it VAT is not an eligible cost that can be reimbursed. So my question is if I am at a project meeting and during the course of the trip I have two meals, one had VAT listed on the invoice so I imagine I cannot claim for that, however for the second meal the VAT is not listed on the receipt how do I handle this, do I have to find out what the VAT is for food in that country?


Distributing Pre-financnig


This is for Research for SME programme

I have a question concerning the distrubtion of the pre-financing. In the Coodinators meeting the Commission stronly suggested that the prefinancing be sent the SMEs and then the RTD performers should bill the SMEs. Recently I have heard from some larger RTD performers who are coordinating projects in the same programme that they are sending the prefinancing direct to the RTD performers who would then send a proforma bill to the smes. This would all be defined in the Consortium agreeent. Is this process also ok?


Kick-off meeting preparation

Hi everyone,

We are preparing our kick-off meeting for September. Do you have any advice to prepare this event the best way possible?

We have now a clear agenda from your experience what is the most important to not forgive?

Thanks a lot.

FP7 negotiation

Dear all,

I am in the process of negotiations for a FP7 project: Research for SMEs.

I have previously negotiated three other FP6 proposals

I would very much well comments and advice from people on a good checklist for items for negotiations on FP7.

Thanks in advance,


Cost Reimbursement: actual cost and man months

In order to be reimbursed at your budgeted allocation, must you meet both the actual incurred eligible cost and the man months budgeted?

For example – if the original budget was noted as  100,000 Euros  and 50 man months, would a company be reimbursed at the full 100,000 Euro budget if they showed that they incurred 100,000 Euros of eligible cost with only 40 man months?

The concern is that the actual labor costs may be higher per man month than was originally budgeted and we want to ensure that we will not be required to spend 50 man months in order to receive the original budgeted allocation of 100,000 Euros.

This also assumes that the deliverables are met in a satisfactory manner within the 40 man month timeframe.

Thank you

Pre-financing: role of the coordinator

Hello all,

I’m quite new in the FP7 project management and I will need some explanations about the pre-financing. We are coordinator and I want to know how it happens when we receive the pre-financing towards the other partners. Do we need to their budget or proofs from them before paying them?

Thanks a lot!